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AAT KINGS: Why it's time for travellers to explore their own backyard

"Remind your clients how incredible Australia is", that's the message that AAT Kings shared during a recent day-famil to the world-famous Hunter Valley wine country.

“Remind your clients how incredible Australia is”, that’s the message that AAT Kings shared during a recent day-famil to the world-famous Hunter Valley wine country.

As we sat overlooking the vines at one of the region’s best restaurants, Esca Bimbadgen, Managing Director of AAT Kings Matt Cameron-Smith questioned why we wait so long to explore our own backyard.

“For many Australians, the last bucket list item we tick off is our own backyard so our job is to encourage more Australians to enjoy all that Australia and New Zealand has to offer,” he said.


Esca Bimbadgen restaurant

“Put it on the to-do list rather than the bucket list because one day it’s going to be too late.”


So what do AAT Kings offer in The Hunter Valley?


A full-day tour to Australia’s oldest wine-producing region where Shiraz and Semillon are celebrated daily.

Guests are picked up by a luxury coach for a relaxed and comfortable two to three-hour journey north.

The day unfolds with a series private tastings of some of the Hunter’s best wines at vineyards. We stopped in at Tintilla Estate, Bimbadgen Estate and Leogate Estate.

You’ll get a chance to meet the charismatic locals and even the winemakers themselves as you delve into the romantic world of wine.


There’s plenty of delicious Hunter Valley food to relish throughout the day as well.

Lunch at Esca Bimbadgen is made with beautiful local produce and the chef even steps out of the kitchen to talk us through our meals.

Gourmet cheese plates and estate-grown olives are a-plenty and kangaroo spotting is part of the fun.

After a day of wine tasting, you’ll be chauffeured back to Sydney in style.

The Hunter Valley day trip can stand on its own or form part of the longer four-day Sydney Food and Wine District Tour.


So who would you sell it to? resizeimage 2 13

Matt Cameron-Smith

I put that very question to AAT Kings Managing Director Matt Cameron Smith:

“Say you’re in Queensland and you’re selling a domestic holiday for someone to come to Sydney – don’t forget that you can book Wine Country and Blue Mountains as day trips and it’s done for them”.

“The same for selling to clients who have a cruise. If they have a day in Sydney, why not go to Wine Country?”


For inbound tourists, this tour is an easy sell.

Let’s face it, this day tour will please anyone who appreciates life’s great pleasures of fine food, knockout wine and nature without having to worry about who is driving them home!