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Air New Zealand Is Filming A New Safety Video So We're Sharing Our Top 5 To Date

Air New Zealand and Tourism New Zealand are teaming up and recording a new safety video to showcase some of the best of Aotearoa and to celebrate, we take a look at some of its epic releases so far.

Air New Zealand and Tourism New Zealand are teaming up and recording a new safety video to showcase some of the best of Aotearoa and to celebrate, we take a look at some of its epic releases so far.

Air New Zealand has kicked off filming its next safety video and going by what they’ve previously produced, it’s going to be fabulous and we are excited.

The new safety video is being created in partnership with Tourism New Zealand to put Aotearoa front and centre.

The new video

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand General Manager Brand & Marketing Jeremy O’Brien says some of the safety video scenes were filmed in Tairāwhiti Gisborne Tuesday, and in other regions over the past week. 

“While New Zealand’s scenery has been the backdrop for many Air New Zealand safety videos, this time it has a starring role.”

“It’s fantastic to team up with Tourism New Zealand to combine efforts and showcase some of our world-famous scenery and destinations through this safety video. This safety video is a truly collaborative effort with Tourism New Zealand and by working in partnership we can showcase New Zealand’s iconic attractions to both New Zealanders and a global audience. It is undoubtedly the best time for Kiwis to discover what we’re world-famous for and the video will also help support the recovery of international tourism once borders reopen.”

“Air New Zealand has become known around the world for leading the way when it comes to inflight safety videos. Our videos continue to deliver real value and make customers stop and pay attention to our important safety messages.”

Jeremy O’Brien, Air New Zealand General Manager Brand & Marketing

Tourism New Zealand Director Commercial René de Monchy says the safety video perfectly matches many of the elements that New Zealanders are looking for while on a holiday in New Zealand.

“Kiwis are looking to do something new and go somewhere they have never been to before. They are also looking for spectacular natural landscapes and iconic experiences, which the video will have in spades.”

“With 71 percent of Kiwis planning to take a domestic holiday in the next 12 months, and domestic tourism being so vital to the country’s recovery, it’s the perfect time to showcase what New Zealand has to offer,” says de Monchy.

To celebrate the news of this, we’d like to share our top 5 Air New Zealand safety videos so far…

In no particular order, because it’s way too hard to choose…

1. The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made

Okay, so this one absolutely had to feature because it really is ‘The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made’. Who doesn’t want to sit back and be transported to magical Middle Earth?

This production pumps you up for an adventure and it even stars Elijah Wood and Sir Peter Jackson – which is pretty sweet.

2. The Bear Essentials of Safety

Oh, Bear. How do you manage to make everything seem so darn exciting?

If you think you’ll enjoy watching this ‘good Scout’ running around the wilderness with a toilet roll chasing a guy dressed as an extinct Moa, and chowing down on glow worms, this vid’s for you.

3. Men In Black

This 90’s throwback will have you grooving in your seats as the Men In Black – The All Blacks- rap the Air New Zealand safety spiel. (Which you will 100% be singing for the entire day/week/month).

This feel-good safety video features aliens, a pug that talks, funky choreography, and of course, those iconic MIB sunnies.

4. Mile High Madness

Dig out your neon pink sweatband and get ready to ‘get fit to fly’ with this fabulous 80’s dance party safety anthem.

Featuring cheesy smiles, bright colours, pop music and a light-up d-floor, You will indeed be ‘on a plane full of crazies’ and you’re going to be loving every second of it.

5. Safety In Hollywood

This hilarious video will take you through popular movie narratives, including a Hollywood cop chase, French rom-com, horror, and western.

Hopefully this one did win Scary Movie actress Anna Faris an award?…

Which is your favourite?

Air New Zealand’s next safety video will be out later this year. The video will feature local actors as well as Air New Zealand cabin crew.

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