Technology is evolving so quickly in aviation that if current trends continue future flight attendants will be able to know exactly what travellers want and how they’re feeling through one simple scan.

It’s the future of inflight service as Air New Zealand envisions it to be and it looks as though it isn’t too far off from becoming a reality.

The airline is currently working with information technology service provider Dimension Data to create unique software for Microsoft’s augmented reality (AR) viewer HoloLens so it can read and display customer information directly in front of staff.

Put simply, the carrier is building these futuristic headsets…

Air NEw Zealand NTK

That identify guests by outlining their physical features…

Air NEw Zealand headsets 2

Honing in on their expressions as well as visual and audio cues…

Air NZ headsets 3

To relay all kinds of information from how they’re feeling, to the last time they ate or drank and suggestions on how crew can make their experience more enjoyable.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 9.55.16 AM

How very Iron Man of Air New Zealand.

Iron Man

In a video promoting the future device, Air New Zealand said it isn’t trying to replace the human connection, but enhance the onboard experience by providing “more information that will allow staff to better understand out customers’ needs”.

“Tailor the service from the moment they step on board and get them exactly what they need to feel comfortable and taken care of .”

Air New Zealand

The carrier also hopes the technology will have environmental benefits, by allowing its cabin crew to move to a paperless inflight system.

What do you think of the Air New Zealand Iron Man goggles?