Imagine making your way around the airport in a totally carefree state: no heavy suitcases to pull behind you and no need to stay on high alert looking out for gate changes.

Such a stress free airport experience sounds too good to be true, but KLM Royal Dutch Airways is about to make it a reality.

How, you say? Meet Care-E, KLM’s bright blue, friendly luggage trolley robot.

KLM plans to have these cute Care-E robots stationed after security.

You’ll greet the robot by scanning your boarding pass. From there, your can load luggage onto it before letting it guide you to your gate.

The Care-E is self-driving and packed with autonomous technology and artificial intelligence.

To give you some idea of how the loveable robot operates, take a look at the YouTube video below of E-Care in action.

Care-E wont rush you to your gate. In fact, the little blue helper can even stop at duty-free stores along the way or wait while you use the bathroom.

Aw, Care-E you shouldn’t have!

It gets even better though, Care-E is smarter than your average travel partner. It has access to a full GPS database of the airport and real time data.

This means that if your gate changes, the trolley will know and redirect to that location.

The technology is set to be rolled out for use at New York’s JFK and San Francisco International Airports later this year.

Did we mention that Care-E has muscles too? It can support two-pieces of luggage up to nearly 40kg in weight.

What a legend!

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Would you love your very own Care-E for travelling? Let us know below.