How many passengers does the busiest airport in the world have passing through its terminals every year? According to the Dubai Airport, it’s 88.2 million.

That’s more than the population of Germany!

The airport was once again recognised as the world’s number one airport for 2017, after welcoming over 88.2 million passengers.

According to Dubai Int’l Airport’s Chief Executive, Paul Griffiths, those 88.2 million flyers used the gateway to connect to 240 destinations around the world via 140 airlines.



In order to handle such large numbers, Dubai International Airport runs a tight ship with the assistance of new technology, including new operations equipment in the state-of-the-art control centre where 90 different data systems are observed to make a timely decision that’ll help support customer service.

Although many gateways would be satisfied with over 88 million passengers, Dubai Int’l Airport’s CEO Paul Griffiths is looking at ways to increase passenger count and reach a target to 90.2 million in 2018.



Among the passenger-increasing intitiatives is an expansion of the airport’s facilities to include 24 new boarding gates, seven new baggage reclaim carousels and extra check-in desks. These changes will help boost capabilities to handle another 26 million passengers per year.

The airport is also planning to completely refurbish one of its runways in April 2019. The refurbishment will see the runway cease operations for 45 days.

“We have a lot to do and there are many challenges ahead. But I am more confident than ever that we have the right people, the right processes and the right technology to maintain and continue our successful journey.”

Paul Griffiths, Dubai Int’l Airport Chief Executive


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