You’ve already seen the list of airlines you want to fly with in 2018, because they’ve mastered the whole safety thing, now it’s time for the ones you might want to avoid.

They’re the world’s least safe airlines in 2018, according to

This week, the airline safety review website highlighted 7 carriers which received the lowest rankings in innovation, technology and fleet age.


So while airlines such as Qantas, Hawaiian Airlines and Finnair fly high with perfect records, carriers like Air Koryo and Trigana Air Service struggle to meet the same standards.

Of the seven lowest ranking carriers, four are based in Nepal (Buddha Air, Nepal Airlines, Tara Air and Yeti Airlines), which isn’t too surprising when you consider the weather and visual challenges that come with flying through mountainous terrain.

world's least safe airlines

North Korea’s Air Koryo returned to the list of the world’s least safe airlines after an absence in 2017 and was joined by Indonesia’s Trigana Air Service and Suriname’s Bluewing Airlines.

Sneaking off the lowest ranking list in 2018 were several low cost carriers, including Qantas’ budget subsidiary, Jetstar Australia, Jetstar Asia, Jetblue and Flybe.

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Which carrier would you add to the list of the world’s least safe airlines?