Did the 200m underground Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira entice you into visiting Colombia? Or was it the sweet taste of the world’s best chocolate that’s tempting you over to Ecuador?

Whatever romantic Latin American calling you’ve received, Qantas is making it a little easier for you to see the region while also earning and redeeming those highly important frequent flyer benefits.

The Flying Kangaroo has extended its codeshare arrangement with LATAM to include two new destinations, (as you might’ve already realised) Bogota (BOG) in Colombia and Guayaquil (GYE) in Ecuador.


Image: Michael Barón/Unsplash

From 1 January 2019, Qantas will add its code to LATAM’s double-daily service from Santiago to Bogota, making it the first time Qantas has offered a codeshare to the country of Colombia.

Additionally, Qantas will add its code to LATAM’s weekly flights between Santiago and Guayaquil, where Aussies can taste-test the world’s best chocolate, visit a cacao plantation and see famous Andean condors at Las Cajas National Park.

The two new codeshare countries are in addition to Qantas’ current codesahre services operated by LATAM to São Paulo (GRU), Rio de Janeiro (GIG), Lima (LIM), Antofagasta (ANF) and Punta Arenas (PUQ).


Is South America in your travel plans for 2019?