“Do you ‘really’ want to pay for someone else’s champagne?”, AirAsia says you are.



Whether it’s true or not, it’s something most Economy passengers probably have never really considered… that they’re forking out extra dollars just so those peeps in First Class can have their fully lie-flat beds, champagne and other perks.

Again, not sure this is entirely true – have you looked at the cost of those First and Business Class fares, I think it covers a fair bit – but AirAsia is pitching itself to travellers as the ‘smarter’ option for travellers because of its choice to omit First Class cabins from its planes.

In a new video campaign called ‘Fly Smarter’, AirAsia took a bearded Aussies on its aircraft to discuss why AirAsia is able to offer low fares.

In one of the clips, the actor points out that the airline doesn’t have First Class. This decision was made to carry more passengers on a single trip, which in turn, helps passengers save.

“AirAsia don’t have a first class cabin, which means more room for Economy so you split a cost amongst more people. Do you really want to be paying for someone else’s champagne?”

AirAsia Actor

*Gasps* is this true?


Another reason the airline says it can offer cheaper prices is its lack of “unnecessary extras”, such as peanuts, and that it buys more planes from Airbus than any other airline, which gives them loyalty discounts.

AirAsia also claims to have bigger planes than some of its competitors, giving them more seats to sell.

“With more seats to sell, they don’t have to charge as much for them, yes bigger is better.”

AirAsia Actor

AND the airline tries to keep its aircraft as light as possible to save on fuel costs.

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