Australian travellers could soon take ‘passport’ off the list of things to pack as the government considers rolling a new cloud-based identity system.

The proposal was put forth by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) during an ‘ideas challenge’ which was essentially a brainstorming session amongst politicians.

If approved, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said security would be given the utmost importance.

How will it work?

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Well, our identities and biometric information will be stored in a similar system to where you currently store your emails, downloaded music and even phone images.

Instead of giving customs our physical passports, they’ll be able to search for our identities and tick off our arrival and departure.

We assume, the system would also store our visas.

According to DFAT, a ‘cloud passport’ would make it easier for Australians to be recognised at the border because we wouldn’t have any documentation to show.


It also means we would no longer have to worry about losing our paperwork overseas and spend a whole day visiting the local consulate to have it reissued while on holidays.

“Australia prides itself on having one of the most secure passports in the world, but by embracing and harnessing new technologies, we might be able to do better.”

Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister

Any trial of the new system would be done with New Zealand.

Australia is already fairly advanced when it comes to passport technology thanks to the ePassport launched in 2005, which consists of a chip full of our information.

As much as we love the idea of not having to worry about leaving the passport at home, we’ll definitely miss the travel stamps and visas.

Do you love the idea of travelling without a passport?