Sex toys and travel. Is there ever a happy ending? We’ve heard plenty of awkward sex toy airport security stories but a recent incident at Berlin Airport may just take the cake.

A terminal was evacuatued and flights were delayed at Schönefeld Airport in Berlin this week after a sex toy in a passenger’s luggage was mistaken for a hand grenade.

It was during standard x-ray checks on bags that concerned airport staff thought they had found a dangerous weapon in a suitcase.

It wasn’t until about an after a hour they evacuated the terminal that authorities twigged that the object was actually just a vibrator.

RT reported that the owner of the sex toy wrote on social media: “When I arrived, the terminal was being evacuated. I approached a police officer and told him that I needed to check my bag with the baggage handlers.”

“He asked my name and for my passport. He then spoke into his radio and several armed police swarmed me with automatic weapons.”

Sexy toy carrying passenger.


He said he was then was led to another area where he watched as a member of the bomb squad, clad in full protective gear, walked slowly towards his bag.

After 60 tense minutes the member of the bomb squad returned laughing.

The hand grenade was in fact a vibrator from Ann Summers that he and his girlfriend had purchased two weeks ago.

Once the threat had passed security forces had a great chuckle and the passenger in question learned that he had missed his flight home. Bugger!

Do you have an embarrassing sex toy travel story to top this one?