Turkish Airlines is jumping on the pop culture bandwagon with its new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ads.


Ahead of the highly anticipated DC movie’s release next month, Turkish Airlines has recruited The Dark Knight (Ben Affleck) and Superman’s foe, Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), to help promote the carrier’s services between Europe and the US.

Some 111.9 million people witnessed the comic-inspired commercial during the big Super Bowl 50 game yesterday – and that’s just those watching on TV.

The two commercials, which were uploaded to Youtube, have received around 1,000,000 views EACH in less than 24 hours and on Facebook they’ve had 3,928 shares.

Needless to say, Turkish Airlines has received massive exposure, not just in the US, but a worldwide audience.


The first video garnered the biggest response, mainly because it gives viewers a glimpse of Ben Affleck in his new role as Batman or Bruce Wayne.

The Turkish Airlines plane is seen flying over his ‘great’ Gotham City, before Affleck is filmed onboard enjoying a cup of coffee and service.

Watch the video below:


The second video takes place over in Superman’s home city, Metropolis.

While the Man of Steel (Henry Cavill) himself doesn’t make an appearance in the short clip, his arch enemy, Lex Luxor, stops by to tell viewers that the city and Turkish Airlines “can’t wait to welcome you”.

Lex Luthor

Check out the full clip below:


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