“If I lived there, there’s absolutely no chance I’d be single.” Ever heard one of your single Aussie besties say that after a trip to the United States? Or anywhere in the world?

It’s because, no offence Australia we love you but, dating here sucks!

Why? Because it doesn’t exist, and that’s not just coming from someone who’s been single in Australia their whole life. Our bleak dating culture was proven by the love experts over at eHarmony.


We don’t date and that’s due to several reasons, the first being that we have an outdated pack mentality where men will hang with men, women will hang with women, and the two rarely mix.

The second reason being, we’re not all that confident when it comes to approaching people we’re attracted to – that bloody fear of rejection!

And thirdly, we’re not hanging out in the right ‘singles’ places/cities. Yes, whole cities are invalid when it comes to dating in Australia, such as Sydney where everyone either married their teen/uni sweetheart, consider nightclub as the place for one night stands and/or are just closed off in general.

But it’s not all a black hole for love down under, there are a couple of cities where the chances of meeting a singleton are high (especially while on holidays) because either men outnumber the women or women outnumber the men.

For women that city is, Darwin.

Image; Michael Discenza/Unsplash

Image; Michael Discenza/Unsplash

Don’t raise an eyebrow at me! Have you walked through Mindil Markets lately? Or hung out at the city’s casino?  There’s men of all ages everywhere! Why? Because there’s a US Marine base right down the road.

There’s literally thousands of military men right up in the Top End.

Mix these Americans with the number of local men and you’ll find that there are 112 males per 100 females in Darwin.

Book a trip to Darwin now and see it for yourself!

Meanwhile, single men looking for love might like to go down south (????) because Adelaide is apparently experiencing a dude drought.

New research has found that there’s 28,000 more women in the city than men. These ladies are strong, intelligent and stunning, so you’ll definitely need to catch them before they travel to the NT.

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Which Australian city would you recommend travelling to for love?