Emirates sent the internet into a spin this week by posting a picture of their new ‘Bling 777’ sparkling diamond encrusted aircraft on their social media pages.

Cries of “Is this real? This needs to be real” filled their comments sections. So, will a glittering Emirates aircraft be twinkling through the skies just in time for Christmas?

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but no it’s not real. It’s just some really beautiful and imaginative Photoshop work by Instagram user @SaraShakeel.

The former dentist and award winning artist has a lot of fun photoshopping a bit of bling into her photographs

Many had lofty dreams of the livery being genuine, but realists and aviation enthusiasts asked: “How would the plane be able to fly with the added weight of diamonds?”

“Unfortunately not possible technically. The plane will have added extra weight and some serious safety issues then.”

Instagram user @1000milestotouchdown

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Waiting for my Ride 💎 . . So Ladies & Gentlemen , I am officially flying to #milan to fall in love with #art #culture #italy to witness the love #glamourtalentawards has to offer ! I have to remind myself & all of you again and again, This all happened cause some of you prayed & some sent love 💕 to the universe & God just had to make it happen!! Just an ordinary big eyed – hopeful artist trying to live the best out of the world has to offer! Love you and thank you!!! Can’t wait to share everything with you all! . . . P.s I got a freaking upgrade to #milano !!!! . . . #art #artwork #collageart #artist #vision #fly #high #flying #godisgreat #pink #clouds #hope #lovemyjob #plane #emirates #flyhigh #arte #crystalart #crystalartwork #travel #travelphotography #blog

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When posting a second image of the diamond encrusted Emirates plane, Sara prefaced it with a cheeky caption.

“So my plane has been on the news lately, confirming whether it’s real or not, so before I took off I took another picture just to let you guys know it’s real.”

Instagram user @SaraShakeel

“I truly and honestly made the diamond plane for the love of the trip and excitement. Never in a million years did I know it’d end up on the news/tv/ trending on Twitter all over the place! So thank you a million times,” she said.

Would you love to take to the skies in a diamond encrusted plane?