Digital boarding passes will remain completely digital and a lot less paper will go to waste thanks to Qantas’ decision to stop printing boarding slips at the gate.

The Flying Kangaroo confirmed last week that its domestic passengers who check-in online and have a digital boarding pass will no longer receive a printed boarding slip before boarding.

In a statement, Qantas said the decision is intended to speed up the boarding prcoess and help the airline improve its on-time performance.


“The removal of printed boarding slips at the gate is intended to speed up the boarding process and help us improve our OTP.”


Passengers who check-in for a domestic flight online will need to show their ticket at the gate, and then keep their digital device on if they’re boarding via the rear stairs.

Although the digital devices will be switched on while walking the tarmac, Qantas stressed that passengers “should not use it while on the tarmac”.


Image: Qantas

The only passengers who will continue to receive a printed slip at the gate include those who use their QFF membership card to board or those who have had a seat charge.

“In these cases, customers need to present their printed slip when boarding the aircraft rather than their card or original digital boarding pass,” the airline added.


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