Anne Majumdar

Asia Pacific airlines are investing heavily in the future, with aircraft manufacturer Boeing confirming orders in excess of $900 million.

Boeing took the orders at the Singapore Airshow. They consist of aircraft parts, digital applications and planning tools for a wide variety of carriers.

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“Boeing is serious about helping customers optimize the performance of their fleets and reduce operational costs throughout the lifecycle,” president and chief executive of Boeing Global Services Stan Deal said.

“Predicted growth for aerospace services in the Asia Pacific brings opportunities to partner with local industry to understand the region’s greatest needs, invest in new capabilities to meet those needs, and then bring them to market quickly.”

A 2015 study by the International Air Transport Authority (IATA) found that by 2035, air transport is expected to support over 70 million jobs and nearly $1.3 trillion in GDP.


The Boeing Dreamliner 787/10

By 2030, it estimated that air travel in Asia would be greater than the  next two markets North America and Europe combined.


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