In the wake of Brunei’s new anti LGBTQI and adultery laws introduced earlier this week, STA Travel has decided it will no longer be working with Royal Brunei Airlines.

This means STA Travel will stop selling Royal Brunei Airline flights across its entire global operations.

This follows on from Virgin Australia’s decision to cut ties with the Brunei carrier earlier this week.


Image: bvi4092/Flickr

Australian Country Manager Monika Rieker said STA Travel is proud of its open and diverse culture and fully expects all partners to demonstrate and uphold these same values.

“We categorically don’t support the laws that have recently been introduced in Brunei (including on Brunei-registered aircraft and vessels) which we believe are in direct contravention of basic human rights,” she said.

We can’t do much to change laws, but we can add our voice to a campaign that we believe in. Gender and sexuality diversity is a natural part of life, so of course, we think sentencing people to death for their sexuality is abhorrent, which is why we’ve backed the Brunei boycott.”

Australian Country Manager of STA Travel Monika Rieker 


Image: watchsmart/Flickr

STA Travel is also offering full refunds to customers who have bought Royal Brunei tickets through it, and no longer want to fly with the airline.

Affected customers are invited to contact the company’s Customer Service team who will refund airfares and assist customers to make alternative travel arrangements.

“We are really pleased that STA Travel has taken this stance and is joining forces with the growing choir of voices calling on Brunei to reverse this change in the law. We stand in solidarity of LGBTQI people everywhere.”

Do you support the boycott of Royal Brunei?