“I’m trying to check-in this gentleman from Seattle. He’s just got another three hours to go looking at the security camera and then he’ll be ready to fly.”

How would you react if you heard customs staff say that about you? It happened to one guy, and surprisingly, he didn’t even flinch!

The man was of course the target of a prank set up by British Airways, a Spice Girl, an athlete and a comedian.

The unlikely foursome, who all share a pretty wicked sense of humour, teamed up to create a series of comedy videos for ‘Red Nose Day’, in which they mischievously trick travellers into carrying out most hilarious and ridiculous tasks at the airport.

One man travelling to Sydney was fooled by British Airways-suited Emma Bunton – aka Baby Spice from the Spice Girls – into getting “closer, closer, a little bit closer maybe” to a security camera so that his nose was practically touching the lens:

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There was one guy who was talked into practically doing Usher’s ‘U-turn’ by Olympic medallist Tom Daley:

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And then there was this guy who was stuck looking at a camera while Dave the customs guy aka comedian David Walliams had a phone conversation with a colleague.

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Troy Warfield, British Airways’ director customer experience, said: “This year Red Nose Day is going back to its comedy roots, and we’re delighted to be supporting it with these great films from some of the nation’s favourite personalities working a shift at British Airways.

“The video is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to customers and staff for helping us raise over £15 million over the past seven years.”

Check out the full clip below:


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