BURNING QUESTIONS: Answering Agents' queries on Qantas, China Eastern & beyond

How much luggage can clients take on board? What’s there to do in Xi’an? Three years after Qantas & China Eastern first hooked up & Agents still have burning questions about the partnership.

How much luggage can clients take on board? What’s there to do in Xi’an? Three years after Qantas & China Eastern first hooked up & Agents still have burning questions about the partnership.

Thanks to Qantas and China Eastern, we have all the answers.

KARRYON tagged along with some 150 Travel Agents to the Qantas and China Eastern ‘Best of China Development Day’ at the Qantas Centre of Service Excellence where we noted all the answers Agents are looking for.

The day-long event saw consultants discovering unique spots around China (such as the Floating Mountains), answering quick fire trivia, receiving travel tips and more.

They found out all about Qantas and China Eastern’s competition – they’re giving Agents the chance to WIN return flights to China plus bonus prizes, click here for more information.

Agents took some fun pics alongside carefully selected China-themed props, while also enjoying a delicious Chinese lunch.

PLUS, there was a detailed tour of the China Eastern Boeing 777, during which some consultants (unsurprisingly) fell in love with the impressive Business Class offering.

Of course, they also learned a thing or two and had some of their burning questions about Qantas, China Eastern and beyond answer. Such as…


How many flights do Qantas & China Eastern codeshare on?

The pair codeshare on over 50 flights a week between Australia and China.

QF codeshare flights to 19 China Eastern destinations within China and MU code on 34 domestic Australia markets.


What aircraft are they using between Australia and China?

Qantas operates the A330 aircraft featuring Business Class Suites, while China Eastern is using a mix of modern B777 and A330 aircraft.

What reciprocal Frequent Flyer benefits do Qantas & China Eastern have?

A lot! Both Qantas and China Eastern offer each other’s top-tier loyalty members to access priority check-in, lounges and priority boarding.


Do Qantas and China Eastern have a limousine service?


Image: Victor Xok/Unsplash

China Eastern has a free limousine service for its Business Class and First Class flyers. However, it’s only one transfer per flight. For example, you can use it from Sydney Airport to the hotel, but you can’t then book it in Shanghai.

The service is free for the first 35km from Sydney Airport, 45km from Melbourne Airport, 40km from Brisbane Airport, 60km from Beijing Airport and 100km from Shanghai Airport.

Guests who want to book the limousine for travel outside the radius listed can pay a small extra fee for the additional distance.

Qantas does not offer a limousine service.


How does luggage allowance work on the code share?

It does not matter who is flying the plane, it matters who you ticketed your flight with.

For example, if you’re flying with China Eastern but you booked with Qantas, then you get the Qantas lugagge limit and vice versa.

If you’re ticketed with Qantas and flying in Economy Class, then you receive one free 30kg checked bag. If you’re ticketed with China Eastern and flying in Economy Class, then you receive two 23kg checked baggage allowance.


What about Frequent Flyer luggage allowance?

Frequent Flyer luggage allowance is not reciprocal. You have to ticket and fly on your FF carrier to use your FF luggage allowance.


Does Beijing have the equivalent of Uber?


Yes it does. China has a ride-sharing service called DiDi that’s similar to Uber where you can request an pick up either via an app or over the phone.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that China’s cities are well equipped with public transport, including Beijing where there’s 17 subway metro lines that are efficient and can spare you from the city’s traffic.


Is it true that museums are free in China?


The Palace Museum. Image: James Coleman/Unsplash

All the museums in China are free but you have to make a reservation to visit. If you can’t make a reservation, it’s recommended that foreigners attempt to get in by showing their passports.


What’s the importance of the Bell Tower in Xi’an?


The Bell Tower in Xi’an.

The Bell Tower in the centre of Xi’an is an important historical site because it was once used to signify the opening of the city’s gates.

Every morning, residents would know they were able to leave the city when the Bell Tower went off. In the evening, the Drum Tower was used to indicate that the gates were about to close.


What’s another historical significant relic in Xi’an?


Nestorian Stele was erected in Xi’an in 781.

Xi’an is also home to the Nestorian Stele, a stone erected in 781 to signify the arrival of the Church of the East aka Christianity in China.


What’s the Rou Jia Mo & why do my clients need to try it when they’re in Xi’an?

The Rou Jia Mo is a Chinese Hamburger that was founded back when the Silk Road was used as a trading route.

Traders needed food that could be preserved for days, which is how the tough bread was made. These days, local vendors will fill the bread with meat and greens.

It’s definitely worth trying.


Where can we learn more about Qantas & China Eastern’s partnership and receive more information about China?


Visit the Qantas Learning Hub – your go-to place for all Qantas partnerships, including its codeshare arrangement with China Eastern. Click here to sign-up.


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