Emirates has launched a quirky new video marketing campaign making fun at the lengths some people go to in order to get a bump up from economy class.

Each of the ads features a character (actor) trying their best to snaffle a seat upgrade whilst checking in to an ‘unnamed airline’.

Some of the tactics used by the characters include pretending it’s a special occasion (always a favourite), serenading an unamused member of airline staff (Hmm, risky and potentially very embarrassing), feigning pregnancy (good one! Definitely worth a shot) or even attempting mind tricks with the ‘special powers’ trick to essentially hypnotize the check-in assistant (Nah. Just lame).

Which got us thinking, what tricks have you attempted before to try and snag an upgrade? Personally, I think just being polite and friendly to airline staff any check-in is a good start! But we’d love to know your thoughts.

Each ad ends with the line: “don’t upgrade your seat, upgrade your airline. Fly Emirates.”

The idea of course being, that Emirates economy is the best in the world (According to a recent TripAdvisor Award), so why would you need to upgrade to Business Class anyway?”

And with Emirates offering of no Premium Economy Class cabins unlike many of its rivals, the campaign is clearly an attempt too at persuading premium travels to re-think spending extra money on another airline for the sake of a slightly nicer seat.


Computer says NO…

The campaign is also a little different in that none of the ads actually feature any in-flight product and the Emirates brand isn’t revealed until the end of each ad to maintain the mystery.

Boutros Boutros, Emirates senior VP for corporate communications, marketing and brand said about the campaign;

“Emirates’ Economy Class is well known for being a true, full-service product. We offer excellent value for money, with world-class in-flight entertainment in every seat, full course gourmet meals, generous free baggage allowances, and great service.


“In today’s environment where others are stripping amenities from their cabins and shrinking legroom, we believe travellers can relate to the desperate lengths that some people might go to in order to get their seat upgraded,” he added. “Our message is simple – why try so hard to upgrade your seat when you can fly Emirates instead?”

12 ad spots in total will run worldwide and Emirates will also release some the ads on its social media channels over the coming few weeks, each focussing on a different “upgrade trick”.

What tricks have you tried to get an upgrade? Share your thoughts below.