Qantas’ reputation for the quality Australian wines they serve is sky high right now after they took home not just ONE but SIX Gold Medals at the annual Cellars in the Sky awards in London.

Qantas’ Gold Medals included best overall wine cellar, best first class wine cellar, best presented first class wine list, best first class champagne, best first class white wine and best business class fortified/dessert wine.

The airline also received 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medal and oneworld won the Best Airline Alliance for Wine.


What an incredible achievement!

Qantas’ Creative Director Food, Beverage & Service Neil Perry he was “really proud” to once again be awarded for their wine.

“Together with the Qantas Rockpool Sommeliers, the Qantas beverage team work hard to select the finest Australian wines and Champagnes and it shows,” he said.


Neil Perry

“Qantas is renowned for bringing the best of Australian wine to the world and we pride ourselves on offering blends that celebrate both boutique and classic wine styles, grape varieties and regions”.

Qantas’ Creative Director Food, Beverage & Service Neil Perry

Qantas’ wines are selected by the Qantas Rockpool Sommeliers, made up of 16 highly experienced Sommeliers and mixologists led by Neil Perry.


Some may say these guys have the best job in the county, especially when they find out that every year over four days, the Sommeliers blind taste and review 1,600 Australian wines and Champagne that go onboard domestic and international flights and in the lounges.

Around 250 different wines are chosen from more than 150 different producers.

Join us in raising your glass to Qantas on this big achievement.