You’ve flicked through the inflight movies and TV shows, searched the music options and even checked out the games, but all you really want to pass the time on a flight is to continue binge watching Shameless on Netflix.

It’s the mother of all first world problems and lucky for us here in Australia, Qantas has a solution.

The Flying Kangaroo is close to bringing super fast wi-fi to its domestic flights that’ll be so incredibly speedy guests can use it to stream Foxtel, Netflix AND Spotify.

That means access to pretty much almost any song your internal rhythm desires (except Taylor Swift of course) and any of the TV shows or movies you’ve recently become addicted to on Netflix.

How much are you looking at forking out for such advanced internet in the sky that it might even rival your connection at home?


Try $0.

Yep, completely free.

Qantas Group Executive of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Affairs said having fast and free internet will give passengers access to a wide range of options beyond email, online shopping and general web browsing.

“What a lot of people relish about flying is being able to catch up on their favourite TV shows or watch movies they didn’t get to see at the cinema.”

Olivia Wirth, Qantas Group Executive of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Affairs

“Foxtel and Netflix both have huge catalogues that are expanding all the time, so there will be no shortage of entertainment on board.

“The usage data from the collection of albums we already have on our aircraft shows that music is a great way for passengers to relax as they watch the world fly by. Spotify will open this up so you can listen to virtually any song you like.”

Qantas Foxtel

Sounds great, right?

There is one catch though – you need to have subscription to either Foxtel or Netflix in order to access them.

Pre-existing Foxtel and Netflix members simply log into their accounts and they’ll be able to stream mid-flight. For everyone else, Netflix, Foxtel and Spotify are offering free access to Qantas customers on and off the aircraft for between three days and one month after their Qantas flight.

The first Qantas plane with super-fast wi-fi will take off later this month on domestic aircraft. The rest of the airline’s fleet of domestic Boeing 737 and Airbus A330 aircraft will follow from mid-2017 onwards.

What would you watch with super-fast wi-fi on a Qantas flight?