Earlier this year, when United Airlines announced plans for its first Premium Economy product, the carrier was quite vague about the launch date, saying it would be ‘sometime this year’.

Now, almost six months later, the airline is expected to launch Premium Economy REALLY SOON – as soon as this month.

By the end of June, United Airlines’ Premium product will available on one upgraded Boeing 777-200 aircraft between Business Class and Economy Class, Forbes.com reported.

United Airlines is just starting to develop the Premium Economy product.

Initially the product will be branded as ‘Economy Plus’, which will enable guests to trial the extra space, upgraded dining, free alcohol and Saks Fifth Avenue blanket for a small extra fee. However, that’s only in place for a limited time in order to give flyers time to familiarise themselves with the new Class before it rolls out in mass later in the year as ‘United Premium Plus’.

While we patiently wait for Premium Class, United Airlines confirmed earlier this month that it is in the process of developing a new personalised app, which will arm inflight staff with extra information on their guests.

Executive Vice President of Technology and Chief Digital Officer, Linda Jojo, said the information collected will make it easier for staff to interact with guests without creeping them out.

“The line between personalised and creepy is different for different people,” she said. “Do you like it when we come up and wish you a happy birthday? We’re trying to figure out where does that line fall.”


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Would you be keen to fly Premium Economy with the carrier?