While your employer handed out heart-shaped chocolates and treated the office to a special team lunch, Delta Air Lines employees were being showered with love, appreciation AND bonus cheques.

The carrier’s boss spent yesterday, Valentine’s Day, spreading the love by distributing a portion of $1.1 billion in profit among some 460 staff members, Bizjournals.com reported.

How does that heart-shaped chocolate taste now?


Jokes! It’s the thought that counts…

According to an airline spokesperson, Delta’s CEO Edward H. Bastian shared around $2.2 million with the carrier’s employees as a means of expressing his gratitude for their role in making Delta the best on-time performing airline out of the USA’s top domestic carriers.

In a letter attached to the bonus (which, let’s be honest, was probably tossed out after seeing the cheque), Bastian told staff that Delta was the only airline ever to share $1 billion in profits with employees , which it has now done “three years in a row”.

Delta Aircraft 2

Though Delta may be the only one to share a portion of $1 billion, it’s certainly not the only one in recent years to make it rain over its staff. Last year, Qantas gave its staff a one-off bonus after reporting record breaking results. Air New Zealand also did something similar in August last year as did Fiji Airways.

Did you get anything special from your boss this Valentine’s Day?