Flying can make some people quite nervous, so it’s no surprise that emotional support animals in the air are becoming more commonplace. Be warned though, not all emotional support animals are welcomed on board in equal measure.

Quite a scene unfolded last week when a Florida woman was told her emotional support squirrel could not fly with her.

Hang on a minute. Emotional support squirrel? That does not sound right. Although who are we to judge? People seem to find comfort in all sorts of emotional support animals from turkeys through to peacocks.


So why was the innocent squirrel in a cat carrier told to get off this domestic Frontier Airlines flight from Florida to Ohio? Especially as the passenger had noted in her booking she would be travelling with a support animal (but did not specify what TYPE of animal).

Well, according to the airline’s policy, “rodents, including squirrels, are not allowed” on its flights. HARSH.

Emotional support dogs, cats, and even miniature horses are allowed in the cabin though, provided they’ve had enough training.

Anyway…the passenger in question wasn’t having it. She and her squirrel reportedly refused to leave the flight.


This meant that all the other passengers had to disembark for two hours while the police were called to escort her off. As you can imagine there were many disgruntled passengers during this unusual scenario.

What’s the most unusual emotional support animal you’ve heard of?