Next time a friend or family member asks you to pick up a giant-sized Toblerone for them at the airport, tell them to go to Woolworths! It’s a bloody rip off.

Although duty free shopping is famous for offering cheaper and more affordable items (thanks to tax free), a new study found that’s not always the case, especially when it comes to chocolate.

Sweet snacks before and after flights are almost like a tradition for most of us, but these duty delicious cocoa treats, biscuits and nuts are actually up to 88 percent more expensive when purchased at the airport.


Research conducted by revealed that honey roasted macadamia nuts are around $6.60 at international gateways, an 18 percent price hike compared to $5.61 at the supermarket.

Tim Tams were 72 percent more expensive at the airport, selling for around $6.90 compared to $4.00, and Toblerone was the biggest shocker, with supermarkets selling the Swiss chocolate for around $9 compared to $16.90 at the airport.


Perfumes and aftershave were also found to be more expensive at international gateways, selling for up to 59 percent higher than at a retail store, whereas wine and champagne was less than 10 percent more expensive, but for regular drinkers, would be cheaper to buy in a mix of six at the bottle-o.

But don’t worry guys, there are still a few lovely savings to be found at duty free, such as vodka and whiskey, which are 33 percent cheaper at the airport.


Ladies (and gentlemen), you’ll be happy to hear your cosmetics are 43 percent cheaper in duty free such as a 125ml Clinique moisturising creme available for $60 compared to a $105 retail cost. There’s also Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Lipstick N° 001 selling for $40 at the airport, $9 cheaper than in retail stores.

Happy shopping guys!

What’s the biggest duty-free rip off you’ve encountered?