Emirates has confirmed that it has no current plans to change its commission structure in Australia despite recent adjustments overseas.


The confirmation comes less than a week after the airline revealed a two percent reduction in commission for consultants in India, which was flagged as a result of ‘volatile’ trading conditions.

So far, the change in Agent benefits has been isolated to the South Asia country, and according to an airline spokesperson, it won’t be occurring in Australia anytime soon.

Emirates feature

In a statement to KARRYON, the spokesperson said although the carrier performs periodic reviews of the business, there are currently no intentions to change commission locally.

“Emirates IATA commission structure rewards agents via the Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) structure in Australia,” the statement read.

“Airline BSP commission structures vary from airline to airline and differ in many markets.”

“Whilst all components of our business each receive periodic reviews, there are currently no plans to make changes to this commission structure.”

Emirates spokesperson

The airline representative continued, saying the carrier “strongly values” its relationship with Travel Agents, “who continue to help the airline connect with Australians travelling to over 150 international destinations on the Emirates global network.”

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