A new service, available to all Etihad long-haul passengers aims to put an end to seat-kicking children and screaming babies.

They may not have plans to employ Julie Andrews to flit about cabin isles offering passengers a “spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down.” However, Etihad are certainly attempting to put an end to the crying baby nightmare many a customer faces when on a long-haul flight.

The airline has resorted to transforming a member of its flight crew into Mary Poppin-esque figure whose purpose is to seat children, serve their meals, refill bottles and provide activities such as face-painting, craft and magic tricks. The “Flying Nanny” is also not a service that is bestowed on the privileged few in first-class but is a service available to all families in every cabin and is no extra charge.


Not quite Mary Poppins but it may just do the trick…

“The Flying Nanny role demonstrates our understanding of our guests’ needs and our commitment to making the journey as relaxing and comfortable as possible,” said Etihad’s vice president of guest services, Aubrey Tiedt.

More than 500 Etihad staff are now qualified Flying Nannies after completing specialist training at Norland College, an educational facility that is world-renowned for its childcare training.

The service couldn’t have come sooner. A recent survey, conducted by online travel agency, wotif.com found that one in 12 passengers who experience “air rage.” Of those surveyed, 48 per cent listed children kicking their chairs as their top travel peeve. Screaming babes were also voted “persona non grata” on long-haul flights.


Do you think Etihad’s “Flying Nanny” service will assist in keeping kids occupied and away from the back of your chair?