Delta Air Lines may be the second largest airline in the world and the only US carrier to fly to six continents, but it’s still somewhat a mystery to Australian travellers.

The carrier’s GM for Australia and New Zealand, Clare Wheatley, told KARRYON that despite nearly a decade of flying to and from Australia, there’s still a few misconceptions about Delta Air Lines in the market, including the belief that “all American carriers are the same”.

Clare said this inability to distinguish between US carriers is a particular problem for the airline because it prides itself on its “strong culture and reliability” as well as its multi-billion dollar customer experience investments.


Delta’s recent investments include a fresh, new look for all uniformed staff.

Recent investments include the modification of the Boeing 777 to include the Delta One Suite (Business Class) and Delta Premium Select (Premium Economy) on non-stop Sydney-L.A. flights, as well as working with New York fashion designer, Zac Posen, for three years to design a new contemporary and bold style for its 64,000 uniformed staff members worldwide.

Another misconception clouding Delta Air Lines’ brand among Australians is the impression that the carrier only flies domestically within the US, when in reality it’s the second largest airline worldwide, the only US carrier to fly to six continents and it operates non-stop to Sydney.


The Delta One Suite will arrive in Australia in April 2019.

“Telling the Delta story in Australia is a major focus because Australians are still getting to know us.”

Clare Wheatley, Delta Air Lines GM for Australia & New Zealand

One way Delta is raising brand awareness in the market is through its long-standing partnership with Virgin Australia, which Clare says has helped attract new audiences and in turn, contribute to Australian revenue growth.


Additionally, the partnership gives customers of each airline access to “one of the most comprehensive collective networks across the Pacific”, as well as upgraded aircraft product, and modernised airport infrastructure such as Delta’s $1.86 billion investment to upgrade and connect Terminals 2, 3 and the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX.

Looking ahead, Clare said the two airlines are working together to align other aspects of the customer experience, including in-flight dining and wi-fi.


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