No longer will flyers be able to compromise someone else’s comfort in an effort to further their own, because the reclining seat is on its way out.

Well, it is with British Airways.

The airline confirmed that it’s removing one the biggest sources of inflight drama, in a bid to reduce fares.

Thirty-five new short-haul A320neos,and A321 neos will be fitted with non-reclining seats in Economy, while others will receive seats with a ‘gentle recline’.


According to a British Airways spokesperson, new aircraft will come into service over the next five years and will allow the airline to be more competitive by reducing its ticket prices.

The move received mixed response from the travelling public, with recline-loathers giving the thumbs up, and recliner-lovers describing it as a low-cost downgrade.

However, British Airways said the new seats will ultimately ensure “everyone in the cabin enjoys a comfortable journey”.

In addition to non-reclining seats, British Airways said it’s also fitting new aircraft with in-seat power and will also soon offer on board wi-fi.

Meanwhile, did you know that nearly nine out of 10 flyers would rather airlines scrap seat reclining? According to a Skyscanner report released last year, they described it as one of the more irritating features of air travel.

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