Get a good look at that Virgin America logo painted across the body of that beautiful aircraft below. Really take in how designers chose to showcase the brand using lower case and a semi-modern font.

Keep taking it in, because it’s probably going to be one of the last times you see it (unless of course, you Google it).

As of next week (25 April), the 12-month-long process of phasing out Virgin America will be complete and the brand will no longer exist in the world of aviation as it officially merges with Alaska Airlines.

Virgin America 2

The two carriers are “now one airline”, according to Alaska, which confirmed in a statement that nearly all Virgin America airport signage has been replaced with that of its new owner’s.

If you ever needed a physical example of the Spice Girls song ‘2 Become 1’, picture Virgin America morphing into Alaska Airlines.


As part of the merger, travellers booked to fly with Virgin America will have to look out for Alaska Airlines flight numbers and go to Alaska Airlines gates. Check-in will be done at Alaska Airlines counters and kiosks, or through the carrier’s website and mobile app.

The only sign of Virgin America’s existence can be found in the sky through aircraft livery, but only for a short while longer as Alaska Airlines has started painting planes in Alaska colours and in fall, it will install new interior cabins.

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Did you get a chance to fly with the phased out airline?