Watch out airlines, at the rate Flight Centre is going the company may not need your aircraft in the future. Maybe even sooner than you think.


The travel group took its first step into the aviation industry by purchasing a 51 percent stake in Brisbane-based private charter company, AVMIN Pty Ltd.

The purchase gives the company a leading share of the business, while Founder, Paul O’Brien, and GM, Amrit Wijesuriya, retain the remaining 49 percent interest and continue to manage the day-to-day operations.


AVMIN, according to Flight Centre, has a solid client base across the mining, resources, construction and government sectors.

Owning a share in the company gives Flight Centre the ability to offer exclusive deals to its corporate and leisure travellers. Additionally, it will enhance the company’s ability to create unique products for customers, according to Graham Turner.

Flight Centre

“Effectively, we will have a complete and unique end-to-end travel service, offering a solution for any type of travel.”

Graham Turner, Flight Centre GM

Looking into the future, Turner said the purchase could also assist Flight Centre in launching new services in areas where charter is a viable alternative to scheduled air travel as well as provide chartered services to less frequented destinations.

What do you think of the purchase?