Flight Centre Australia transformed their Facebook page yesterday with the colours of the rainbow to show their support for the marriage equality vote.

The company’s Facebook page which now has over 875,000 fans, featured an updated Flight Centre rainbow profile picture as well as a stand alone post urging people to enrol to vote ‘yes’ in the up and coming postal survey.

Launched on the same day as the global travel company announced huge profits, the move by Flight Centre was definitely a brave one for the mainstream household brand and ASX listed company.

At the time of writing the original article yesterday, already the two posts had sparked numerous positive and sadly negative and hateful comments in the short time they had been live.

Which was probably the reason why one of the posts has since been deleted today.

In one comment, ‘Messy Gumbo’ wrote: “Sorry Flight Centre, I’ll never book through you again. Shame on you for trying to coerce your narrow minded opinion onto others. Disappointed!”.

Whilst ‘Dawn Ibbet’ commented;

Well Flight Centre, I will be voting with a big YES and will still book my holidays with you. I can’t believe all of the negative comments.”

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce, who has famously supported same sex marriage recently copped a pie to the face in what was a disgusting and mindless attack for standing up for what he believes in.

“I think it is very important for our employees, customers and our shareholders, and that is why Qantas is a supporter of marriage equality and a supporter of gender equality and a supporter of Indigenous rights.”

Alan Joyce, CEO Qantas

Clearly both Flight Centre Australia and Qantas have demonstrated their support loudly and proudly for their own staff’s rights, of whom a sizeable percentage include men and women from the LGBTQIA community.


Ride share app UBER had their say too by introducing a ‘rainbow’ coloured ride tracker to replace the usual blue on their app.

‘A rainbow ride’. Now that’s clever.

The Uber app also linked users to the Australian Electoral Commission website to enrol or check their enrolment. 


All of us at KarryOn say a massive well done to Flight Centre Australia, Qantas, Uber and so many other businesses for literally flying the flag and taking such a brave stance on this issue.

Because yes, there were some haters and potentially the loss of customers…

But, KarryOn also believes that marriage equality should be a basic human right for all individuals and stands loudly and proudly aside all members of the LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual) community, especially within the travel industry.

What did you think about Flight Centre’s bold stance on Gay Marriage? Share your thoughts below.