Travellers scheduled to fly across the East Coast of the United States are being advised to continue checking flight schedules as cancellations and flight delays continue today.

The advise comes as the US blizzard dubbed as the US ‘bomb cyclone’ swept across the East Coast overnight with 30 to 50 mph winds and 30cm of snow.

Boston’s National Weather Service said on Twitter that the city’s coastline experienced “the worst flooding in recent history”, while in Massachusetts, state police urged locals to stay off the roads “if you don’t have to go”.

Airports such as New York’s JFK and LaGuardia as well as Georgia’s Savannah were forced to temporarily close their runways yesterday when they were frozen over with snow and ice.

Both Savannah Airport and JFK Airport’s social media teams advised social media users that ice along the runway had melted, allowing the gateways to re-open this morning.

Despite the good news, travellers are being advised to continue expecting cancellations and delays as airlines attempt to reschedule guests and catch up on services cancelled all-day Thursday.

Among the airlines is Delta, which is expected to cancel another 200 flights today. This is in addition to the 750 services cancelled yesterday.

JetBlue told its passengers that its “BlueCities” will also continue to be affected throughout the day, after the carrier cancelled around 800 flights on Thursday.

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