Turtles are coming out of their shells & taking off with wings! Thankfully, this isn’t a case of unnecessary genetic modifying; this is All Nippon Airways’ first A380 featuring turtle-themed livery.

All Nippon Airways’ first jumbo-jet gave travellers and photographers a serious case of the ‘awwwwws’ last week when the turtle-themed plane rolled out of the Airbus factory in Hamburg.

Named ‘Flying Honu’, the Hawaiian word for good luck and prosperity, the adorable aircraft is the first of three Hawaii-themed A380s for the carrier, each of which will feature livery in different colours and different designs.


Honu adopts All Nippon Airways’ corporate colour scheme and mixes it in with Hawaii’s blue skies and fondness for the long-living sea turtle. The second aircraft, planned to take off in July 2019, will have an emerald green livery inspired by the crystal clear waters of Hawaii, while the third will be orange in reference to the Hawaiian sunset.

The airline’s Executive Vice President, Yutaka Ito, said there’s excitement all around for the arrival of the large passenger aircraft and the experience it will deliver to guests on the Narita-Honolulu route.


“The Airbus A380 will be an important addition to ANA’s current fleet and it will allow passengers to reach the scenic islands of Hawaii in comfort and style.”

Yutaka Ito, All Nippon Airways Executive Vice President

Flying Honu will officially join the airline’s fleet in March 2019 and is scheduled for her inaugural flight on 24 May 2019.



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