Green flying is the future & Singapore Airlines, like its rival Qantas, is making significant changes today to ensure it’s ahead of the sustainability game tomorrow.

Singapore Airlines is embarking on a “new era of greater sustainability”, Yeoh Phee Teik, Senior Vice President Customer Experience, declared with pride as he revealed details of the airline’s new greener skies plan.

Unveiled today, the initiative will see the carrier make changes to the way it sources food to the amount of food it carries onboard, in order to ensure it’s doing what’s best for the planet while it flies over it.


Changes will include using automate data collection (such as AI and machine learning) to predict customer food consumption patterns. These predictions will allow the carrier to better adjust food quantities taken onboard and reduce wastage.

Singapore Airlines will build on its ‘From Farm to Plane’ concept, an idea adopted in 2017 to support farming communities, by embarking on a new collaboration with the world’s largest indoor vertical farm, AeroFarms.

The partnership will see AeroFArms provide a customised blend of fresh produce for Singapore Airlines’ network from September 2019. This will include freshly harvested salad a few hours before takeoff.

“Literally the world’s freshest airline food.”

Antony McNeil, Singapore Airlines Food & Beverage Director


Single-use plastics will increasingly be replaced on the airline’s flights with alternative sustainable materials. The carrier aims to be plastic straw and plastic swizzle straw-free by September 2019. They’ll be replaced with environmentally friendly paper straws and wood-based sticks. Polybags for children’s toys will also be substituted with paper packing.

Singapore Airlines is making an effort to ensure all paper products, such as menu cards, tissue paper and toilet rolls, are made with FSC-certified paper, while the printing of children’s colouring books and activity kits will be done using eco-friendly soy-based ink.

“We are proud to have embarked on a new era of greater sustainability, with an enhanced focus on environmentally responsible practices on board that will significantly reduce our carbon footprint and improve the sustainable travel experience of our customers.”

Yeoh Phee Teik, Singapore Airlines Senior Vice President Customer Experience


How else do you think airlines can make their planes more sustainable?