Booking those Christmas holiday flights might not be top of mind for most people in mid-August but according to new data from Skyscanner Australia, that’s exactly when travellers should be booking their flights.

Skyscanner found that while three-quarters or 72% of Aussies are planning to travel over the coming Christmas period, a massive 84% hadn’t got around to actually booking their ticket.

Why? Well over 41% were under the impression that “flights are too expensive at this time of year”.

But is that true? Skyscanner’s research would suggest not.

They said Aussies can save an average of 24% on airfares by booking 17 to 18 weeks advance of their break. Like, you know, as in this week.

Skyscanner said flight prices would only increase the closer we get to the holiday season.

Looking into the outbound and inbound trends for this December, Skyscanner revealed that the majority of Australians were planning to fly out on the 21st December and return on 5th January – no surprises there.

The Aussie love affair with Bali appears to be alive and well over the festive season, as the Indonesian island remains the most booked travel spot.

International destinations Auckland and London are also popular, however, domestic travel is still a big focus for many Aussies.

For the full rundown on potential savings, Skyscanner has done the hard work for us, traipsing through historic booking data to pull together a list of estimated savings still available on flights over this festive period when booked in advance.

You can take a look at the full list here.

Do you encourage your clients to get in early booking their Christmas flights? Let us know below.