Google has officially set itself up as a rival to Travel Agents and online booking sites in Australia by officially bringing its flight selling tool into the market.

Google Flights officially launched in Australia this week after successfully operating under the radar in the market for some time, reported.

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Operating similarly to Webjet, the tool allows users to insert their travel dates and destination before comparing flights and prices. They can then move forward with their selection by booking and organising other travel details such as their accommodation and activities.

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What sets the tool apart from other online booking engines is that due to Google’s ownership, Google Flights results appear as a ‘sponsored’ section when Google Search users type in items such as “flights to Los Angeles”.

It also adopts features from price comparing site, Skyscanner, including a ‘track pricing’ system, which sends price email notifications when the price on a preferred route changes.

Are you concerned about the impact Google Flights could have on the industry?