‘Pimping cars’ was so early 2000s, these days it’s all about ‘pimping planes’ and comedian James Corden has taken it upon himself to transform average aircraft into impressive new rides.

The host of ‘The Late Late Show’ hijacked a British Airways plane from the airline’s reluctant Chief Entertainment Officer, Rob Fenchurch this week, with the promise of returning it ‘cooler’ than ever.

“They’ve [British Airways] always been able to fly, but when I’m done with them, they’re going to be fly.”

James Corden


First step in the ‘pimpin’ makeover required Corden to unsuccessfully “tear up the rule book” on Cabin Crew requirements.

The comedian told Flight Attendants to shoot ‘tranquilizer darts’ at disruptive passengers because if they don’t do it “Delta will”, and he attempted to spice up inflight safety briefings with jazz hands.


“I need to see some show business in it.”

James Corden

After ‘upgrading’ staff, Corden and Fenchurch headed towards an unmissable British Airways aircraft featuring more than a dozen James Corden heads in the livery.

“Every great artist signs his masterpiece,” Corden said explaining the new paint job.


He even managed to brilliantly spread his face across the nose of the aircraft…


Inside the aircraft, the comedian ‘pimped’ the cockpit with a 70s disco ball, club lighting and leopard print seats…


While the galley was transformed into a massage spa for guests dealing with stiff backs…


Corden said the airline’s guests shouldn’t have to wait until the plane lands to arrive in a new destination and thought it best to theme each Club World Cabin in a different location, including Mexico where giant cacti, maracas and sombreros were used as decoration along with a donkey and a Mariachi band.


Sadly (or thankfully), British Airways’ Chief Entertainment Officer wasn’t overly impressed by the aircraft makeover, but said he’d consider keeping the donkey.

Check out the hilarious video below:


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What would you do to ‘pimp’ a plane?