Could this be the funniest ad of 2019? It’s only Feb, but already this hilariously cheeky (and frankly genius) ad from Aeromexico may have just nailed it.

In today’s divisive days of fake news and delusions of building walls to keep Mexicans OUT of the USA, how can Mexico’s national airline urge more Americans to travel INTO Mexico?

These guys love Burritos but hate Mexico…

Without giving away too much (just watch it!), Aeromexico came up with a clever, proactive idea to encourage more Americans to travel to neighbouring Mexico.

This guy just wants to feel safe…

The idea? Everybody loves a discount. So, why not offer Americans a decent discount to fly Aeromexico down to Mexico? Simple.

The clever bit… The discount is only available to Americans depending on their percentage of Mexican ancestry.

So for example, someone who has 15% Mexican heritage will qualify for 15% off.

Behold their latest campaign: “DNA Discounts,” which offers discounts on flights to Americans who are happy to take a test to prove that they, in fact, have Mexican DNA.

Even when they think they don’t.

Specifically targeted at states in the Western U.S, including Arizona and Utah, the ad features Aeromexico staff interviewing residents of a little place called Wharton in Texas, around 130kms southwest of Houston and 680kms north of the Mexican border.

The answers are hilarious, as are the reveals once participants find out if they have Mexican DNA, or not…

And this guy? Well… Let’s just call him Mr BS.

Not surprisingly the ad has gone viral since its launch with millions of views worldwide, tons of debate and some serious questions raised about American ancestry.

For me, it just goes to show two things, which are that despite all else, 1) perhaps we really are all from the same DNA? and 2) That everyone loves a bargain.


This lady is IN.

The ad finishes with… ‘INNER DISCOUNTS – There are no borders within us’.

That’s #traveltochangetheworld right there.

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