You could save up to 50 percent on your next flight overseas if you opt for a stopover, but are you really saving when it will likely cost you your time and maybe even money in accommodation?

Online flight comparison site, Skyscanner, seems to believe so and is advising you to avoid direct flights in order to save money on your next holiday.

Although we personally would rather avoid any unnecessary stops, the website says those budgeting their travels could save up to 50 percent on services to popular Aussie destinations.


For example, Melburnians planning a trip to Manila could spend $359 less if they choose a layover option in Singapore.

Or, Sydneysiders could find themselves flying to London for as little as $607 if they choose to go via New Delhi as opposed to more popular routes.

A ticket from Sydney to Tokyo via Cairns could be purchased for around $437, that’s a saving of $472 compared to direct, and there’s a $348 saving when travelling from Melbourne to Los Angeles via Guangdong in Canada.


The website says there are even opportunities to save money on your next holiday to Europe by shifting layovers away from popular stops to those less visited such as Delhi, which will see Sydneysiders save around 64 percent (up to $1,072) or Beijing for those from Melbourne to save 61 percent ($893).

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What do you think? Are layovers better value than flying direct?