‘Uhhh, what’s a Jillaroo?’, it’s the question many travellers, and even some city-based Aussies, will ask when they spot Qantas’ cool new Dreamliner.

The airline took delivery of its seventh 787 Dreamliner late last week and shortly after, it was named ‘Jillaroo’.

For those far removed from Australia’s rural scene (guilty!), a Jillaroo is a young female working on a cattle station. Their role involves mustering livestock to new pastures, mending machinery and a variety of other jobs.


It’s a tough job, and it’s “uniquely Australian”, which is why Qantas dedicated an aircraft to them.

“Jillaroo is the latest from the long list of things that are uniquely Australian put forward by the community to make it onto our aircraft.”


Other uniquely Australian terms to be used to name other Qantas aircraft include the Waltzing Matilda, Great Southern Land and the Quokka.

Qantas’ eighth Dreamliner will arrive later this year and will be called Great Barrier Reef. Another six aircraft are scheduled for delivery throughout 2019.

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What do you think of the name?