Some of us can barely get our hips from one side of the plane to the other without coming into fierce contact with those arm rests, but not this flight attendant.

Oh no, he puts our lower halves to shame with a petite figure that can strut, shimmy and twirl down any aircraft aisle.

Assraf Nasir, the AirAsia X cabin crew member, has become an online sensation, but not for his great customer service skills, or his handsome features – although we’re sure he shines in both those areas.

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The host is going viral for the creative and sassy way he utilises minimal aircraft space to recreate the film clip for Britney Spears’ hit song ‘Toxic’.

In case you slept through the early 2000s, ‘Toxic’ was one of Spears’ more popular songs with a catchy AF chorus, new sound and of course, that Spears sexiness.

While the song itself took off with little promotion, it was the film clip that left an impression on the masses as it opened with the beautiful Britney playing the role of a seductive flight attendant.


There’s little proof that the video inspired a new wave of young people to pursue a career in aviation, however, we’re fairly certainly it influenced this young man.

Sadly, we don’t know his name or how long he’s been with AirAsia, but we do think that he may have missed his calling to be a backup dancer.

Watch the full video to see him in all his spinning, popping and posing glory:

AirAsia’s Chief Executive, Tony Fernandes, shared the clip on his Instagram account, saying he’s amazed by the talent within the business and thinks “@assrafnasir is the best”.

“Love it that staff can just have fun and be themselves.”

Tony Fernandes, AirAsia Chief Executive

An airline spokesperson added that ‘fun’ is in the carrier’s DNA and all staff is encouraged to “have fun and be themselves”.

“It’s part of our relaxed working environment,” the spokesperson said. “We are all extremely proud of Assraf. Way to go!

Is he the sassiest flight attendant you’ve ever seen?