A US businessman is turning travellers’ annoyances into a personal profit by offering to pay baggage fees in exchange for promoting companies.

The unique barter system involves entrepreneur Gary German’s Orlando-based Orion Travel Tech company giving away free luggage and paying checked baggage fees for millions of passengers who are willing to travel with suitcases imprinted with corporate advertising.

German said sponsors would be willing to pay a premium for such a service that would literally see their brands reach millions of consumers across the globe every day.


It’s actually a brilliant idea (and one KarryOn’s MD Matt Leedham thought of months ago).

Think about how often someone sees your suitcase on a single trip?

If you catch public transport to the airport, you have hundreds of other commuters eying the interesting logo on your bag.

You then make your way from the entrance to the check-in counter, passing another hundred people.

It flies with you to a new destination where dozens of people will wait and stare at the case as it circles the baggage carousel.

If that’s not enough exposure, you then have to make your way out of the airport, passing hundreds of additional travellers before hopping into a cab.

It’s genius.

bags 2

And in exchange for carrying around that advertising messaging and logos, ‘volunteer brand ambassadors’ will receive a free set to TSA-approved luggage and all bag fees reimbursed for a set period of time.

German said the ads will ‘literally go worldwide’ while travellers become the brand’s very own salesperson.

“With the invention of hard-shell luggage, it is now possible to approach advertisers and promoters with a whole new set of eyes combined with personalisation.”

Gary German, Entrepreneur 

German said depending on advertiser’s needs, he expects rolling ads will require between 10,000 and one million sets of luggage moving through airports.

After the launch, he expects to bring his new advertising method to cruise ship, train and bus passengers.

Would you travel with ads in exchange for a couple of freebies?