Australians have been left divided over Virgin Australia’s controversial decision to give former military personnel priority boarding.

Virgin Australia announced this month that it would pay respect to those who served in defence by allowing them to board all flights ahead of other guests.

Although it was meant to be a genuine heartfelt gesture, the public, including some former members of the military, didn’t entirely agree.

While some Aussies welcomed the move, describing it as a “great idea” and a way to teach others about “pride”…





Others saw it as a glorification of war…



And adoption of “shallow American rhetoric”…



Some suggested that Virgin Australia consider alternative methods to acknowledge veterans, such as lounge access…

While others submitted great suggestions, such as donating money to mental health and support services…


After receiving mixed feedback, Virgin Australia made a Facebook announcement confirming that it would spend the next few months consulting with community groups on the “best way forward”.

“If this process determines that public acknowledgement of their service through optional priority boarding or any announcement is not appropriate, then we will certainly be respectful of that.”

Virgin Australia


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