Malindo Air has defended one of its recruitment policies, saying it’s ‘standard’ for potential new flight attendants to strip during walk-in interviews.

In an online statement, the carrier said that its ‘grooming checks’ have been a part of the interview process since the airline’s conception in 2013 and denied that the policy is under internal investigation.

As part of the ‘check’, candidates are required to take off their clothes and examined for any marks that may be visible through their uniform. This includes marks such as scars, pimples or tattoos.

Malindo Air

An airline spokesperson told Malay Mail Online that the checks were necessary as the carrier’s uniforms are “partially see-through” and feature long slits that show off their legs when they walk.

He continued, saying that candidates are briefed and required to give their consent prior to the check. They’re then ushered into a private room where female supervisors examine them “in a professional manner”.


Meanwhile, the carrier’s competitor, AirAsia, has tapped into the controversy around the ‘stripping’ policy by launching a new job search campaign with the tagline ‘we won’t ask you to strip down’.

The jab at Malindo Air continued with the sub-line ‘just zip up and be part of the world’s best low-cost airline team’.

Nice one!

Do you think airlines should be allowed to ask flight attendants to strip during interviews?