While the idea of occupying a seat in the cockpit of the low-cost carrier’s sleek silver aircraft might appeal to some, the innovative airline is asking travel agents to sign up to the new Jetstar Co-Pilots scheme and help shape the way the carrier does business.

The program is less than a year old and created to let retail, wholesale and corporate consultants around Australia and New Zealand provide feedback directly to Jetstar during online surveys and exclusive face-to-face sessions.


In return for helping drive innovation at Jetstar, registered agents will not only be the first to learn about new routes and special sales but have access to exclusive offers, hear about incentives like winning tickets on famils (including exclusive domestic and international Co-Pilot famils only open to travel agents registered in the Co-Pilot program), enter competitions, and join unique “check-in sessions’’.

Catriona Larritt, Jetstar’s Chief Customer Officer says hearing what travel consultants have to say is the key to understanding their needs and improving the way Jetstar communicates and positions their destinations, sales and products.

“Agents are an important part of our industry and we want to hear what they think about Jetstar,’’ she says.


“These sessions are exciting because we hear about ways to make our agents’ work easier, the things we can do that not only allow us to serve travel agents better but for them to better serve their customers.’’

While the scheme is still growing – word-of-mouth chatter has prompted more than 1,500 travel-trade professionals to visit the dedicated Jetstar Co-Pilots website and sign on to have a say – the participating agents are already providing feedback that’s inspiring the carrier to tweak procedures.

While updates are set to be announced during coming months the airline has already amended Jetstar’s numeric availability on all major GDS systems, allowing more accurate class availability and permitting busy consultants to sell to the last seat without making additional inquiries.


Those worried about being spammed after enrolling to be a Jetstar Co-Pilots need not worry as the airline is quick to confirm it will only make contact when it has significant news to share or is keen to hear what agents think about an aspect of the business that’s under the microscope.

Jetstar Co-Pilots is inviting travel agents in Australia and New Zealand who wish to join the community. To find out more, please visit: https://www.jetstar.com/au/en/travel-agents/co-pilots


Do you want to help Jetstar fly their planes?

Written by Sarah Nicolson, KARRYON contributor

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