Planning and booking a group getaway is a ball until you’re sending a 5th reminder message to that one pal who always ‘forgets’ to pay back their share of the booking.

It’s not exactly the best start to a trip and can sometimes lead to broken relationships.

Jetstar’s hoping to ensure all ‘friends who travel together (with the low cost carrier), stay together’ through a new ‘split the bill’ initiative.

It’s called the Jetstar FareShare, which allows travellers to split the bill when booking through the airline’s website.

Nifty right? Most cafes don’t even have that option!

Jetstar FareShare is available for groups of up to nine people and comes at a cost of $5 per individual transaction.

To find the split bill option, travellers need to find and select flights for the entire group, expand ‘Jetstar FareShare’ on the payment page and clock on the ‘split booking’ tab. The booking then needs to be broken down into smaller groups with each group requiring a contact email address, which will be used to notify parties that they have 48 hours to pay their bill.

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The budget airline’s Chief Commercial Officer, Catriona Larritt, said the new booking option will better serve customers and “enhance their travel experience”.

“We know that booking group trips can be a challenge when it comes time to pay the bill which is why we’re so excited to be able to offer the new Jetstar FareShare option to our customers across Australia and New Zealand.”

Catriona Larritt, Jetstar Chief Commercial Officer

What are your thoughts on the new split bill payment option?