Jetstar says it’s found a way to fit more travelling bodies into each of its aircraft without compromising passenger comfort, a move the airline insists is being made to help keep airfares low.

A multi-million dollar program is currently underway whereby an extra row – or six extra seats – will be added to every single one of the budget airline’s 43 planes.

The move will allow Jetstar to carry around 600,000 extra passengers every year, which Chief Executive, Dean Salter, believes will ultimately result in lower fares.


“More seats means lower fares ultimately. Lower cost and lower fares and more availability for passengers.”

Dean Salter, Jetstar Chief Executive

So how is the airline fitting in an additional six seats without cutting back on leg room?


Jetstar will strip its cabin to rearrange the lavatories and galleys in order to create room for the new row, Channel Nine News reported. The carrier will also cut into the fuselage (the main body of the aircraft) in order to adds windows.

As part of the aircraft adjustment, the low-cost carrier will also add in new leather seats, lighting and add extra space in the overhead lockers to accommodate any extra carry-on luggage the six additional passengers bring on board.

“It feels like a brand new aircraft,” Salter added.

Travellers will be able to secure seats on Jetstar’s upgraded aircraft by utilising the airline’s recently introduced online ‘layby’ system, whereby flyers can pay off their airfares in installments.

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