Delta Air Lines is tackling one of the biggest causes of inflight conflict by reducing the distance in which all passengers can recline their seats.

Less inflight drama – flight attendants within the Delta Air Lines network just took a massive sigh of relief.

The airline will reduce seat recline in all classes by up to two inches (about five centimetres) in a bid to preserve the workspace for business travellers.

That’s right First Class flyers, your recline is getting a reduction too.

Airbus A320s will be the first within the fleet to debut the modified seats, which will see First Class recline dropped to 3.5-inches from 5.4-inches and Comfort Plus and Economy to two-inches from four-inches. The alternations could take up to two months to complete.

In a statement, Delta Air Lines said the change was made in response to customer complaints and hopes it makes life a little easier for business travellers and others viewing mobile phones and seat-back screens, Bloomberg reported.


“It’s all about protecting customers’ personal space and minimizing disruptions to multitasking in flight.”

Delta Air Lines

Although the news is great for those who prefer entertainment screens that sit a little further than the tip of their nose and those who don’t want their laptops crushed by a sudden drawback, it’s a little less appealing to those who like the extra room created by a recline.

Can’t please everyone.


Do you think more airlines should consider reducing Economy recline?