‘Tis the season for giving and apparently it’s also the season for airlines to unveil new inflight cabin product, with Lufthansa being the latest to do so.

Less than a month after Singapore Airlines unveiled its spacious new First Class and Emirates unleashed its uber-luxe Suites, Lufthansa has come out with its own Business Class upgrade that’s super spacey and technologically advanced.

It’s so roomy, your legs will feel like they’re swimming in space.

Rolling out in 2020 on the airline’s Boeing 777-9 aircraft, the new seat has a lie-flat length of 220 cm (86.6 inches) and comes with a special back rest, which will allow flyers’ shoulders to sink in when they’re lying on their side.

Lufthansa's new Business Class

According to Lufthansa, this body molding-feature was added to keep guests’ spines straight and ensure they receive the “soundest sleep above the clouds”.

Other features of the new product include direct access to the aisle for all seats, more personal space, more privacy, generous storage compartments and flat surfaces.

Business Class flyers will also find they’ll have twice as much desk space and access to extended-length beds, should they need it.

Lufthansa’s Member of the Executive Board, Harry Hohmeister, said the new seats will raise the “global benchmark” on ultra-modern Business Class.

Lufthansa Business Class

“Our focus is and has always been on the wishes of our customers and their specific needs,” he said.

“We want to provide them with the perfect travel experience.”

“The new Business Class showcases the full innovative capacity of Lufthansa.”

Harry Hohmeister, Lufthansa Member of the Executive Board

Flyers will also find innovative technological upgrades to cabin through digital interfaces, all the functions of the seat as well as the in-flight entertainment system can be controlled using the passenger’s personal device.

Smartphones and tablets can be recharged at the seat using wireless technology and in the future, anyone who wants to watch one of the movies from the extensive entertainment program will experience the blockbusters on much larger screens, in full HD.

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